Late spring clean : My makeup table



A few months back I did a post about my makeup table organisation/ makeup storage which was quite well received . The thing is that since then I really haven`t done any cleaning or reorganising there but things kept coming in so it did get to be a bit of a mess . A few days ago I tought enough is enough I need to tide up my drawers and so I did .


My makeup table .


Starting Off with my makeup drawer , here I did manage to keep my makeup sort of organised with the help of my little dividers , as you can see in my before picture, honestly I don`t know how much more organised I can make this drawer but at least I can now see everything a bit better.





The changes here are not that big but one thing that really has helped is moving my foundations in the back of the drawer and my lip products to the front , it just made more sense to have the lip products in front when I can really see them while my foundations aren`t as many and I pretty much know which one I want to wear before I even sit down to do my makeup.


A close up of the front part of the drawer with my face products on the far left followed by my eye products+concealers  and in the divider on the right my lip products .




The back of the drawer is still not that perfect but I really don`t open my drawer all the way when I do my makeup so I don`t really need to look at it. As you can see on the left I still have some products that have been left out ; a Burjois foundation and powder , a set of individual lashes as well as a set of bobby pins and clips , which I didn`t know where else to put.






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Moving on to my skin care drawer my biggest problem here was that I had a lot of things in the front that I wasn`t really using and my everyday things were in the back and harder to reach . So this is the drawer I am happiest with the changes it has really improved their usability.



This next drawer I didn`t even show in my last post because it was just really bad ever since I first filled it up. It didn`t really have a specific purpose other than being the junk drawer , everything that didn`t have a place elsewhere went in there as well as some desk supplies. I didn`t putt a before picture just because I was to ashamed of how bad it actually had gotten and I guess we all have a junk drawer so we all know how disastrous they can look.





Here I kept the stevia but the rest of the stuff that stayed are basically office supplies . Honestly after cleaning this up I felt so much better, like I had declutter my whole life , you know what I mean? You probably don`t I am just a freak.


If you managed to keep going till the end you deserve an award , but instead of that I have something to ask you . I have been thinking for a while about changing the fitting on my dressing table but I was worried about being too much , so below I will leave a photo of the ones I am thinking about getting , so if you have a bit of time and have enjoyed this post please leave me a comment with what you think I should do. Thanks!

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Have I inspired you to finally tackle your own junk drawer( everyone has one) let me know!

The SUMMER edit: Nail polish


A couple of months back I did a post  called the Spring Beauty edit and I really enjoyed it, so for the Summer I decided to do an entire series  similar with: nail polish , makeup and accessory.

I am starting things off with nail polish, which is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. For summer I go either for a really bright color (they usually enhance tanned skin) or a simple nude for a more subdued look.


I am starting off  with my all time favorite nail polish The Next CEO by Nicole by OPI.  I have been loving it ever since I first discovered it back in october and what really cemented the idea that this truly is my favorite was that I finished an entire bottle of it . WHAT ? Yea I really didn`t think it was possible for me to finish a whole bottle of nail polish and the Nicole By OPI is probably the largest one I own as well but I finished it . I know what you are thinking a glittery gold nail polish how is that everyday appropriate , but I promise you it will change your life.

I remember describing this shade  as a different nude and it really is , just like a nude polish it makes your fingers look slimmer and longer but it`s just so much more special. Another thing I wasn`t especting about the shade is the wearability through the seasons  but I love it for all year round ; in the fall it goes great with dark greens and reds , in the winter it is perfect for snugly white sweaters and especially during the holidays , when spring comes I love wearing white tops with dark blue jeans , even all white outfits which pair amazingly with this polish and finally in the summer with a tan there is NO BETTER POLISH .

I mean if that ramble has not convinced you that you need this in your life , I rest my case.


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Introducing color for color-fobs

13 Jun Pictures19

I have to admit the title might be a bit dramatic , but on some level I really am a color-fob . My goal when adding new pieces to my wardrobe is to encrease its versatility and for some reason that means that I rarely buy colorful things , and as a disclaimer there is nothing wrong with that I love neutral outfits and think they can be really effortless and chic , the thing is that in the summer I feel like color can really make an impact on your outfit also I feel like as a lover of fashion I should try to open my own fashion horizons.

If you are somewhat afraid of wearing color , there is certainly a way of incorporating it in order to achieve that impact but still feeling comfortable and age appropriate. Firstly accessories are a great way to start as well as being an inexpensive item  they are small and can be a good middle ground. For example I am loving statement , colorful bags for this spring summer season, also if you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about my love of statement necklaces , which can be another small yet impactful way of adding color.If you are feeling particularly daring this summer why not try a bright blazer or a nice printed one that incorporates  color.


A very popular trend this summer has been sporty chic and as it happens I really think that this particular trend really lends itself to bright pops of color . The outfit I put together might not be to everyone’s taste but I am in love with the tennis feel of it as well as those crazy bright Nikes .

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The Lip product addict TAG

10 Jun post1

I have to admit I can be a bit boring with my makeup choices , I have my staple products that I love and I stick to them. That is true in most makeup categories apart from lip products . I don`t know how much of an lip product addict I am  in comparison to other bloggers out there but I deffinitly have a good range of products to chose from.

1. Favourite balm/treatment?


This category has to go to the Lòccitan Ultra Rich Lip Balm a product that I have talked about before, but it really is my favorite. It is rich and hidrating but has  a matt  finish ,makeing it perfect for using under my lipstick.

2.Best eye-catching red?


This was a bit of a no brainer for me, the Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade Gabrielle is the most beautyful clasic red shade . Honestly whenever I put this on I feel like I can take over the world .

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What I ate in a day (healthy edition)

8 Jun Post2


As excited as I am for summer , I have to admit I am not yet fully comfortable in my shorts and cut out dresses , that is why I really have been trying to eat a bit healthier .I  thought that some of you might find this helpful since I think most people find it hard to come up with new recipes when trying to eat healthy. These are all really simple things that use ingredients you probably already have lying around in your cupboards. Hope you enjoy!


One of my favorite things to have in the mornings is oatmeal , I think it is filling ,easy to do and you can add pretty much anything you can find in your kitchen as a topping. I like using steel cut oats , which do take about 7-9 min to cook but they are better for you then the quick cooking ones you can make in the microwave. The recipe I use is for 1 part oats , 1 part milk (you can use any type of milk you want soy, almond , coconut) and 2 parts water, for added sweetness I mush up half a banana and add a whole lot of cinnamon . As far as toppings I  add pretty much any fruit I have .  Another think I like to do especially on a cooler day is to peel one apple  which I chop up into small cubes and add those in 1-2 min before taking it off the fire , for this method  I don`t add banana but I do add a bit of brown sugar because I like mine sweeter as well as cinnamon ,also when I make it like this I like my oats less cooked , just so that they have a bit more of a bite to them.

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May Favorites

4 Jun post

Another month has passed by and in true beauty blogger fashion it is time for a new favorites post. Without further adieu here are some of the things I have been loving this past month.



In the beauty category this month I only have three products that perfectly depict the look I have been going for, on an everyday basis, simple ,glowing and bronzed up . Can you tell I am ready for summer?

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Weekend getaway lookbook—City break

25 May Pictures15

It might not be a surprise to you that I am a bit of an over packer and that is fine for long vacations when I use my huge suitcase, but when it comes to short weekend trips I prefer to use a much smaller bag that I don`t need to worry about checking in. That is why I need to be a bit more organised with my packing and that entails figuring out outfits beforehand. The first thing I do is check the weather forecast , make sure you plan outfits keeping in mind the weather but always bring at least a jacket if the weather changes. For a City destination I think you should be a bit more put together but still comfortable and I like to achieve that by going with basic pieces that I know I`m comfortable in , with a statement jacket or accessory, don`t be afraid of bringing statement jewelry on holiday especially  one of this type it will make your very comfortable but way to casual outfit more appropriate for the setting.

The packing list

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Catching up and a fresh new start

18 May images

Who has been the worst blogger ever ? Me, Me .

I know my last post has been over a mont ago which is not good at all,  and to be completely honest I don`t have much of an excuse for most of that time. I have been feeling uninspired when it came to blog post ideas and when I came up with one and sat in front of my keyboard nothing came out .  As for the period when I actually was busy , it was  the time I got rejuvenated and regained my desire to get back to blogging even though what I was doing  didn`t really have anything  to do with blogging.  I think that is enough betting around the bush let’s get to what I did . If you read my 10 facts about me you might know that I have a huge passion for tennis and also that I am actually from Bucharest Romania , well the combination of those two things during the mont of april equals the BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy which is a 250 p ATP tennis tournament that takes place here in Bucharest . I have been attending as a spectator for the last 4 years  and this year I actually got the chance to work for the tournament. My position wasn`t huge but I did get to work with the players as well as attend the matches. Even though there might not be a clear tie between blogging and tennis , those 10 days really rejuvenated me reminded me of the reasons I started my blog, because I am a huge consumer of blogs as well as YouTube beauty and fashion vloggers. I wanted to share what I in turn have learned as well as use this as a creative outlet .

A few photos from the tournament

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March Beauty Favorites


March was a pretty weird month because as much as I wanted to get all springy the dam weather just would not let me . So as far as my wardrobe is concerned it was still winter but not even the weather could stop me from bringing spring into my makeup and these are some of the products I have been loving this past month.


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Spring Beauty HAUL


With a new season come new excuses to shop, so that is exactly what I have been doing.


In my last spring related post  (The spring edit ) I talked about the fact that my makeup collection was lacking in spring appropriate lip products , so these are some of the lip products that have managed to sneak their way into my makeup bag. (up ->down) Continue reading


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