The shop Review: SheInside


Personally I spend a loot of time on online shops and have developed quite the knowledge when it comes to what are the strong points and the weakness of a loot of online shops. Talking to some of my friends I discovered that most of them are very intimidated of the idea of online shopping , or if they do online shop they mostly stick to one or two stores they know. So my aim with this new series is to hopefully give those who are intimidated by online shopping or in search of new stores a quick to the point review. Continue reading

Spring Beauty shortlist (makeup , nailpolish)


Spring is probably my favorite season and this year especially I am really looking forward to saying goodby to winter. When it comes to makeup I have to admit I don`t do too much experimenting , I know what suits me and I stick to it. Still I feel like this spring I am embracing more the fresh natural springy look , more so than last spring when I kept a pretty high coverage foundation and my bold lips and simple eyes even after winter. In this post I will take you through my favorites products in every category (base, contour &highlight, blush, eyes, lips) that I will be using for this spring. Continue reading

10 Things TO DO to get ready for Spring


The beginning of a new season is always a exiting time, so I decided to compile a list of things TO DO in order to get ready for spring. I hope you enjoy and Happy Spring!

1. Spring Clean your wardrobe

Starting off with the obvious , get out your warm season wardrobe and go through it. It might not be warm enough to make the switch yet , but for sure you are already starting to buy some new spring clothes so look through what you already have. Be ruthless , it’s the perfect time to get rid of some stuff you know you aren`t going to wear anymore. See where your wardrobe is lacking and make a wish list of what you want to add to it. Continue reading

Going lighter and the changes I made (haircare, makeup, fashion)


I used to be very scared of changing up my hair, I didn`t dye it and I kept it a simple medium length style . Lately though I`ve been experimenting a bit more, especially when it comes to color. I had a ombre since last spring but it was mostly gone since my hair grows quite quickly and I trim it regularly. This time I took the plunge and went for a balayage that starts a few inches from my roots. I am a true brunette so even though the highlighted parts aren`t that blond the change to my look has been quite severe. It did take some getting used to but I do love it and have no regrets . I also needed to learn to work with it from changing up my haircare routine to changing up my makeup and wardrobe . My new hairstyle triggered a whole wave of changes and I will tell you all about them, so keep on reading. Continue reading