Saturday morning OOTD




I haven`t done many OOTD post in the past but I do want to try to incorporate more of myself into the blog and , who knows maybe in the next one I will wear the clothes (here’s to hoping). This outfit is what I would wear on a saturday morning to meet some friends for lunch, or to class. Hope you like it.



The jacket is my  usual bomber leather jacket by Pull and Bear that I have been wearing to death this winter ( yes it is warm enough , it is actually warmer than some of my coats ) This style of jackets has been really popular this season so you can still find some similar ones I will add a link here of a similar one.

As for the top it is a Zara top that I got last summer in the sale. I admit I haven`t worn it that much since it isn`t the easiest top to style in a flattering way. It is kind of cropped so you either need to wear high-waisted pants with it or a longer cami under it especially on this weather. Still it is beautiful top , very feminine and I am in love with  the high neck.

The jeans are by H&M and the knee slits I DIY`ed myself. The waist is not exactly  high more medium on a normal sized person for my 5 ft 2 it can pass as a high waist.




I love pairing my new Zara bag , which can look quite dressy with a pair of plimsols . The bag is being continued this season so I will add a link here .As for the slip ons they are actually H&M  and I think they make a great dupe for the VANS leather slip-ons .




Hope you liked this quick outfit post and I hope to do more of them!

Homemade Granola #HealthBreakdown

This #HealthBreakdown post has to be my favorite so far. It is so simple to make and it really has revolutionized my diet . When trying to eat healthy , at least in the beginning it is really hard to figure out what to eat , so we resort to the basics; salads , fruits and vegetables and all kinds of granola. Well that might be a trap , if you look at the nutritional information on your favorite granola you might discover that the sugar and fat content is nowhere near diet appropriate . Well I decided to start making my own , not just because I can control how much sugar and fat it goes in to  it but also what kind of sugar and fat I put in, not only that but I am also very difficult when it comes to granola , I just never seem to find a mix I truly like and don`t have to pick out the raisins (am I the only one who doesn`t like raisins?) . One thing I have discovered is that I prefere making a simple oats granola and have the seeds & dried fruits in zip lock bags . Depending on what I have my granola with I can decide what else I add, so when I have it with greek yogurt I like adding fresh fruit so I don`t add the dried fruit and only add seeds and so on.


This recipe is extremely easy and you probably have most if not all the ingredients in your cupboards already. What you will need for the base are :
  • Coconut oil
  • Steel cut oats
    The extras
  • Seeds again I made my own mix with linseed , pumpkin seeds , chia seeds , sunflower seeds.
  • Dried fruits I mixed cranberries with gojiberies
  • Coconut I am a coconut fan so I added freshly grated coconut .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                This batch I added my coconut into the oats mix but if you don`t like coconut that much you don`t have to add it. It did make my whole house smell delicious though.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    All you need to do is mix the oats with your healthy fat and sugar (you can do this to taste but you really don`t need much , I add for 3 cups of oats , 1/2 cups of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of honey                                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    For cooking you need to put the mix in an oven tray , be carefull  to put in a very thin layer so all the oats can brown up , I keep it in for 10-12 min in a medium  (250 F ) or untill the oats get golden .                                                                                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This is my finished product , I keep it in an air tight jar for 2-3 weeks .

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Etsy Spring Home Wishlist

etsy home wishlist


I really enjoy home design and I am definitely one of those annoying people who change-up their room for every season. I don`t go full on redesigning my room , but I do enjoy changing up the accent pieces. My room is mostly white with accents of natural wood so it really lends itself to redesigns according to seasons, for example for winter I bring in metallics, greys , and knit textures but for spring I feel the need for color and a bit more life so I add mostly pastels colors like soft pinks and blues as well as flower patterns. Etsy is a great place for getting little accents for your home and I decided to pick 5 of the things that have been on my spring wishlist and share them with you. Hope it inspires you to give your own space a new life this spring.

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Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

Today`s post is another #HealthBreakdown post, all about what I wear to the gym. It is a very honest post , no fashionable twist or anything too cool. I wanted to show you what I wear on a normal day when the last place I want to be is the gym, when I look like c**p and the only color in the world is black. Like I said it is not an inspirational outfit post, but I think it is a good option if you don`t want to think about it but you stil want a flattering look  that is  put together and easy.
Starting with the basics , these were both in my latest workout wear haul. The yoga pants are Reebok and right now they are my favorites, they suck everything in but are still comfortable. The jacket is a simple windbreaker style , great for running outdoors , but in Bucharest we are still getting -3, -5 C on a regular basis so right now I am using it for the gym and loving it.
The top is H&M and the only color to be seen in this outfit. I love the high neck ,it just makes me less self conscience and the low-cut armholes make it a bit cooler since you get a pick of the sports bra. Sunglasses are a must for me in the mornings, with no makeup on , these are a classic Wayferer style by RayBan with mate frames. My gym shoes are the Nike Flex Experience and as far as I have used them , they have been really good.
 My gym bag is by Oysho, it is really simple, again black just to go with all my gym stuff and has enough space for everything you could possibly need. Next I have my water bottle very girly apart from being purple it also has glitter particles in the transparent part. Another must for me is my Ipod Shuffle , I prefer having my own pump up music and this Ipod is just tiny and you can clip it to your cloths and don`t have to worry about it falling, having to carry it or that your arm brace is sliding down.