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Hey there long time no speak ,I know but I a back (hopefully) so without further adieu let’s get into my current favorites.




In the beauty category I don`t really have that many things , its been quite a weird transitional period when I have`t been reaching for my bold dark lipsticks yet , but my summery dewy/ bronzy look wasn`t approprat  either . What I have been doing for my everyday makeup is a matt face with a bit of contouring and a 90`s Kyle Jenner type look as well as a stronger brow.

1 Rimmel Kate lipstick in 08 Rosette , is a great budget alternative for the 90`s lip that everyone has been loving , the color is not as concelary as what Kylie Jenner usually wears but that suits my complexion a bit better , if I do want a paler looking shade I will mix it with my Givency lipstick in 101 Beige . The formulation of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks is one of my favorites , they are not at all drying on the lips and what I really appreciate is the way these lipsticks wear throughout the day .

2 Bennefit Speed Brow is the untinted version of the Benefit Gimme Brow which you might have heard a loot more about in the blogosphere. The reason why I chose the Speed Brow as oppose to the Gimme Brow is because I have a whole loot of brows , so they don`t really need feeling in or tinting but what they do need is some taming and that is exactly what this product does for me ,it keeps  my brows in place all day so I don`t need to worry about them moving around . What I have to add though ist that this is just a clear brow gel , don`t get me wrong it has been doing its job well but the price tag isn`t worth it , so I don`t think I will be repurchasing, instead I will probably go for a clear mascara or another drugstore option if I can find it.

3 As far as nails go this start of fall but not quite has really put a damper on my excitement for dark nails. So this shade  Ciate in Pillow Fight is a great in between , it is a grey with a purple undertone (the picture doesn`t really pick up the purple) that is still light enough for the sunshine and warmth going on outside.

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Late spring clean : My makeup table



A few months back I did a post about my makeup table organisation/ makeup storage which was quite well received . The thing is that since then I really haven`t done any cleaning or reorganising there but things kept coming in so it did get to be a bit of a mess . A few days ago I tought enough is enough I need to tide up my drawers and so I did .


My makeup table .

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The SUMMER edit: Nail polish


A couple of months back I did a post  called the Spring Beauty edit and I really enjoyed it, so for the Summer I decided to do an entire series  similar with: nail polish , makeup and accessory.

I am starting things off with nail polish, which is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. For summer I go either for a really bright color (they usually enhance tanned skin) or a simple nude for a more subdued look.


I am starting off  with my all time favorite nail polish The Next CEO by Nicole by OPI.  I have been loving it ever since I first discovered it back in october and what really cemented the idea that this truly is my favorite was that I finished an entire bottle of it . WHAT ? Yea I really didn`t think it was possible for me to finish a whole bottle of nail polish and the Nicole By OPI is probably the largest one I own as well but I finished it . I know what you are thinking a glittery gold nail polish how is that everyday appropriate , but I promise you it will change your life.

I remember describing this shade  as a different nude and it really is , just like a nude polish it makes your fingers look slimmer and longer but it`s just so much more special. Another thing I wasn`t especting about the shade is the wearability through the seasons  but I love it for all year round ; in the fall it goes great with dark greens and reds , in the winter it is perfect for snugly white sweaters and especially during the holidays , when spring comes I love wearing white tops with dark blue jeans , even all white outfits which pair amazingly with this polish and finally in the summer with a tan there is NO BETTER POLISH .

I mean if that ramble has not convinced you that you need this in your life , I rest my case.


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Introducing color for color-fobs

13 Jun Pictures19

I have to admit the title might be a bit dramatic , but on some level I really am a color-fob . My goal when adding new pieces to my wardrobe is to encrease its versatility and for some reason that means that I rarely buy colorful things , and as a disclaimer there is nothing wrong with that I love neutral outfits and think they can be really effortless and chic , the thing is that in the summer I feel like color can really make an impact on your outfit also I feel like as a lover of fashion I should try to open my own fashion horizons.

If you are somewhat afraid of wearing color , there is certainly a way of incorporating it in order to achieve that impact but still feeling comfortable and age appropriate. Firstly accessories are a great way to start as well as being an inexpensive item  they are small and can be a good middle ground. For example I am loving statement , colorful bags for this spring summer season, also if you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about my love of statement necklaces , which can be another small yet impactful way of adding color.If you are feeling particularly daring this summer why not try a bright blazer or a nice printed one that incorporates  color.


A very popular trend this summer has been sporty chic and as it happens I really think that this particular trend really lends itself to bright pops of color . The outfit I put together might not be to everyone’s taste but I am in love with the tennis feel of it as well as those crazy bright Nikes .

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The Lip product addict TAG

10 Jun post1

I have to admit I can be a bit boring with my makeup choices , I have my staple products that I love and I stick to them. That is true in most makeup categories apart from lip products . I don`t know how much of an lip product addict I am  in comparison to other bloggers out there but I deffinitly have a good range of products to chose from.

1. Favourite balm/treatment?


This category has to go to the Lòccitan Ultra Rich Lip Balm a product that I have talked about before, but it really is my favorite. It is rich and hidrating but has  a matt  finish ,makeing it perfect for using under my lipstick.

2.Best eye-catching red?


This was a bit of a no brainer for me, the Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade Gabrielle is the most beautyful clasic red shade . Honestly whenever I put this on I feel like I can take over the world .

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