March Beauty Favorites


March was a pretty weird month because as much as I wanted to get all springy the dam weather just would not let me . So as far as my wardrobe is concerned it was still winter but not even the weather could stop me from bringing spring into my makeup and these are some of the products I have been loving this past month.



If you would have told me , even a few months ago, that there would come a time when I would feel comfortable going out of the house with only concealer on , I would have laugh in your face. But here we are , I have not worn any foundation in almost a mont, admittedly I have not had any events or opportunities to get all done up, but still that is unheard of for me . The main reason is my skin care routine ( to which I have been sticking to) with the help of this old friend, the Maybelline Afinitone Concealer (shade 02)  and my Sephora Mineral Powder Brush (nr 45) . What I have been doing is with the product on the applicator I do a stripe on each cheek , forehead and chin , and I come in with the brush and buff it in to my skin, if I have any active breakouts I jus dot a bit more product there , but that is about it ,I love the way it covers my scaring from old breakouts ( which is my biggest problem right now ) also the finish is amazing it really looks like I am not wearing anything on my skin.

I know I have raved about the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze in the past and I have probably included it into one of my past favorites posts . Still if this posts are supposed to reflect the products I have been using , I have to include this little pot of magic. The little pot of magic thing might have been a bit of an exaggeration but I do really love it, even though I am so not a pink eyeshadow sort of person , this is really subtle and it looks great on its own if you are in a hurry and need a 2 seconds look , or with a Champaign highlight in the inner corner and a matt brown in the crease if you do have a bit more time. It really is a great versatile product. (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Nude Pink)

Confession time, the Benefit Rockateur Blush is the only single blush I own ( I also have a pallet  from Two Faced with two more) , I just don`t like blush on me . So a blush in a favorites post is big for me , but this is a very pretty and natural  looking blush (as long as you use a light hand ) ,perfect if like me you don`t really use blush. I wear it when I do a nude or light pink lip and simple eyes to bring some life to my skin.


Nail Polish

I might not have been able to get out my spring wardrobe , but my nail polish collection had a complete springtime revamp , out with the blacks and dark reeds and in with pastels and bright new shades. And even with all those new options I kept reaching for this particular color , it is the Ciate nail polish in Sugar Plum . It is such a pretty color and I am tacking advantage of it now because it looks amazing on my still pale skin .



This month I finally got the courage to do something I have been wanting to do for almost a year now , and that is to Ombre my hair. What kept me from doing it all this time was that I was scared it would not come out the way I wanted it to . I even booked a meeting with my hair stylist and I chickened out at the last moment. I wanted a more natural looking ombre that integrated into my hair and you could see the different shades going down. I finally saw the LÒreal Wild Ombre kit in the supermarket and like the control freak I am I tought I could definitely do a better job that a professional hairstylist that didn`t really understand what I wanted. I first tried the kit for dark hair and with the help of my sister I finally did it , and I loved it. She did a great job of  integrating the ombre into my hair , I actually loved it so much that I want to go even lighter  so I got another kit for lighter hair. Don`t worry my hair is really healthy and this was the first time I color treated it , I also waited three weeks after my first attempt to do it again . If you would be interested in a more in-depth review of this kit and my experience with it let me know and I will be sure to take some before and after shots and also I can take some photos when I do the second round of ombre.



All around star

My new favorite thing in the whole wide world is Coconut Oil  , If  you were to buy any of the products mentioned in this post this is the one. I not only use this for cooking ( goes great with chicken , so much healthier as well) you can use this as a makeup remover , as a body moisturizer , I use it at least once a week as an overnight hair mask , on its own or mixed with banana and honey and it leaves my hair thicker and so soft while not weigh it down. This is also the product that finally got rid of my super dry lips. I know everyone and their mother has been talking about it , and all this information might not be anything new to you, but I had to include it.


Spring Beauty HAUL


With a new season come new excuses to shop, so that is exactly what I have been doing.


In my last spring related post  (The spring edit ) I talked about the fact that my makeup collection was lacking in spring appropriate lip products , so these are some of the lip products that have managed to sneak their way into my makeup bag. (up ->down) Continue reading

It`s all`bout the shades (with the new Warby Parker spring collection)

18 Mar Capturaţi ecranul complet 17.03.2014 162532.bmp

I`m gonna start this post by declering my love for sunglases, they ãre probably my favorite accesory and adding a pair to any outfit makes me so much more confident.

I first hear about Warby Parker in a one of Meghan Rosette`s YouTube videos and there were two really cool things that captivated me about this website. Firstly they have something called the Home Try on programme  ,which is free I might add ,   you can pick 5 pairs of sunglasses or  prescription glasses and you have 5 days at home with them where you can decide which ones suit you best. I don`t know about you but I think it’s an amazing idea , glasses are such a personal thing and not always the design you like is the one that looks the best on you thath`s why I think that trying them at home for a longer duration of time with different hairstyles and outfits and without a shop assistant is the best thing ever. And at the end of it all you aren`t even obliged to purchase a pair.

The second thing that really drew me to this company is the fact that for every pair of gases they sell they donate one to a person that really needs it. I love it when company’s have a charitable side , it does really make me feel better about buying from them.

The Spectrum sun collection is their new spring line which was launched today, and it includes 5 new designs (all 95$) that are guaranteed to get you exited about the warmer season. The collection is a very nicely rounded one, the styles are all beautiful and unique. They have also taken into consideration some of the trends for this spring, PIPER is a gorges cat eye with vintage inspiration , the two larger frames MINNIE and HALL come in a very pretty light pink and green ,great for infusing some more color in your wardrobe. Last but not least my two favorite pairs are DEAN and DOWNING they have a more masculine look to them and I am pretty much in love with them , I also need to add that DEAN comes in a gorgeous and very unique finish called english oak that really caught my eye. Continue reading

Top 5 dream designer handbags

14 Mar Pictures10

As a woman you usually have one of three diseases 1 The shoe fever (dangerous because it can really get out of hand with the amount of options available) 2 The bag plague ( this diseases is most dangerous because of how expensive this particular items can be) also there have been found serious cases of individuals showing signs of both these wallet torturing diseases . I for one chose to belive I only show signs of disease nr 2 although there have been periods of time when I have briefly caught the Shoe fever as well . But this post is all about bags so let’s get to it.

WARNING : Subjects who have shown signs of The Bag Plague in the past this post might bring bag the symptoms.

Chanel 2.55 Maxi (5.200$)

If I were to choose one high-end designer bag to pour all my savings into , it would for sure be this one. It is the epitome of classic elegance but I can still see it with so many different outfits from the most casual white V neck and jeans to a ball gown to the Opera .

chanel 255

  • Called 2.55 after the date of creation, February 1955.
  • There is a zippered compartment at the inside of the front flap. That is where Chanel is rumoured to have stored her love letters in her original bag.

Continue reading

ONE obsession THREE ways #2 (midi skirt)

7 Mar Colaje5

This is my second installment of this series (check out my first one here since my first post went relatively well I was  excited to try my hand at this again. The item I chose were midi skirts as suggested by thinkinginaspiral in te comments of my last post. I do love midi skirts and think they are an amazingly chic piece in someone’s waredrobe especially at this transitional time, still the truth remains that they are not the most flattering on me and my fellow shorty`s out there. The skirt I chose was this pinky nude pleader skirt which I know might be a bit  out there for some but I can see these outfits working with many other midi skirts, the fact that is high wasted also makes it a bit more flattering. Just like in my last post I tried to give a bit of variety to the outfits still I do have a favorite which is the first outfit , I just think it is such a fashionistas outfit and also perfect for spring, a strong second would go to outfit nr.3 because of the way that even with the glossy pleader midi skirt I still see it as a fun ,young and comfy outfit that is still wow , outfit nr2`s only fault is that it doesn`t go that well with the upcoming season which I am desperately waiting for . Hope you enjoy and if you have any ideas for my next post of this kind I would love to hear them.

P.S. Which one is your favorite? ( I promise the others won`t be jealous )




Strappy Heels $30.60

Cropped Sweater $49.95


Spitfire ‘Yazhoo’ Sunglasses 38$


Continue reading

The spring edit (makeup and nail polish)


The awful weather outside may prevent me from getting my spring wardrobe out, still I could no longer wait to exchange my bold lipsticks with rosy blushes and my dark nail polishes with light and pastel ones. Therefor this weekend I searched my makeup and nail polish and took out everything that was inspiring me for this upcoming season.



  1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation with its light coverage and glowy finish it is a great spring time foundation.
  2. Benefit  Girl Meets Pearl  face primer another product that promises that glowing , healthy skin effect.I haven`t tryed it yet but I am excited to start using it this spring
  3. Benefit Benetint is a cheek and lip stain that will give you the most natural and rosy complexion
  4. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze is one of my favorites all year-long because of how easy and quick it is .Tis spring thought one of the most important beauty trends is the glowing bronze goddess look and this little thing is perfect for that.
  5. Benefit Rockateur  Blush is a beautiful rosy pink blush that is again very “glowy ” I would even call it glittery but as long as you use a light hand it will look amazing.

Nail polish

In the spring time I gravitate towards light nude colors ( which I love in the summer as well) and as far as color is concerned I lose soft pastels (while in the summer I tend to go brighter with my colors). Here are a few shades I am looking forward to using this spring season.

  1. Rimmel London (60 Seconds range) in the shade 835 BRIGHT BACK AT YOU  a beautiful minty green
  2. Maybelline Colorama in the shade 6 ( I think)
  3. Ciate Pepperminty
  4. Ciate Hoopla
  5. Ciate Members only
  6. Ciate Amazing Gracie




Let me know what products you are looking forward to use this spring. You might have noticed a lack of lip products  that is because I really don`t have any spring appropriate shades , so I would love to hear some of your favorite lip products and shades since tomorrow I will hopefully go shopping to fix that problem.

What is in my gym bag (gym bag essentials)


Spring is a time for fresh starts , for reinvention and for most women a time when we start thinking about our new wardrobe and how we are going to fit in our skimpy summer dresses or how our legs will look in our favorite pair of shorts. I am no exception to this trend and this spring I felt like doing something about it , so I ended up getting a gym membership for the first tie in my life. I must admit it is  a bit intimidating at first when you are surrounded by skinny girls and buff guys and little old me  can barely run a 2 min sprint,  but the truth , as I have learned ,is that everyone is  to focused on what they are doing to judge  .So if you have a similar fear that is stopping you from joining a gym my advice is to go for it and you will not regret it.

Now my routine is that I go to the gym about 3-5 times a week in the morning (late morning) in my gym clothes and I come home to shower and get ready for my day so I don`t take with me a change of clothes or makeup.

Continue reading

Fabulous under fifty ($) “Last days of winter”

26 Feb Pictures4



Admittedly this post turned out to be harder than I thought, even more for an outfit appropriate for this time of the year but in the end I did manage to scrounge up a pretty great outfit if I can say so myself. If you would like , I would really appreciate knowing how useful these type of posts would be for you , and if I should do more of them, so let me know in the comments.


  1. Studded Glitter Flats $11.95 
  2. Long Sleeves Coat $19.99
  3. Superstretch Treggings 10$ 
  4. Orla Cutaway Front Crop Top $8.00 


Shine on award & Versatile blogger award

24 Feb Pictures3
I am honored to say that I have been nominated for these two awards by some amazing bloggers that I really admire luciecatherine  Live Life Love Lipstick  and Glamvasion they all have blogs that I love and you should check them out.
The two awards have pretty much the same rules so I decided to combine them, hopefully I can come up with 14 semi interesting facts about me,wish me luck.

Beauty HAUL


So the other day I went to the drugstore to get a new foundation and got out with a few more things than I was planning but heck good thing I have a blog to justify buying all these things. Come on, raise your hand if you ever got anything and justified it as “research ” for your blog and be honest! So here are my new research subjects.


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation ( 100 Ivory)  This cold season my skin really transformed from quite oily to really dry and my beloved Makeup For Ever HD Foundation has become to drying for my skin and it just didn`t look good anymore . This foundation is nowhere near as high coverage as the HD foundation ,luckily my skin has been really good lately, but I love the natural and glowy finish it has and I think it is the perfect spring foundation.(14.50$)

Sephora Professional Mineral Powder Brush (# 45) The only non drugstore item in this haul but still a really good price for a face brush . It really is the perfect pair for my new Rimmel foundation , giving it a flawless look and making it look just like skin. The quality is amazing as well, the brush is very soft and after a few washes there hasn`t been any sign of shedding . It is my new obsession, I adore it. (24$)

Garnier Micelar Cleansing Water I am going to start by saying that I am a huge fan of micelar water , and I have tried quite a few of them in my attempt to find one just as good as my Bioderma Micelar water for sensitive skin.This is the cheapest one I have discovered so far and it is also the largest so from an economic point of view I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will like it. I have not tried it yet as I am still working on my L`oreal one but if anyone is interested I would love to do a review.(9$)

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover  I prefer using this type of eye makeup remover that has the separated oil because it works so much better on my waterproof mascaras, but I am not to picky when it comes to choosing one so I picked this one up just because I needed a new one , still who knows I might end up really liking it . (6.20$)

Freeman Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask I have recently started using masks and stuck with using the Apivita sashes ones that aren`t that cheep if you really add it up . This is the first tube of mask I have ever got , it is really affordable and I have heard some great things about it so I am looking forward to trying it. This particular one claims to moisturizer and tone.(5.50$)

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin Honestly the only reason I got this was because it said ” 60% extra free” on it . Truthfully I love the Body Shop Body Butters but I am just not up for paying that much for a body product. This one really surprised me I think it is a really great no-nonsense body moisturizer that does its job . It might not smell like strawberry or cupcakes but that might be a good thing since you don`t have to worry about it competing with your perfume. (7$)

If you find any of this products interesting and want to hear more about it let me know and I would love to do a more in-depth review or answer any of your questions.


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